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“Do what makes you happy”. You hear it always but how often do you do what makes you happy? Some people worry too much about failing, getting disappointed or rebuked that they put themselves under intense pressure. Life is beautiful and a merry heart is the key to living a healthy and fulfilling life. This explains, the need for you to be at peace with yourself always. Love what you do and do what you love, stay away from things or people that makes you feel bad. Do things right and be optimistic that your effort will be rewarded. Take a break from the norm as often as you can to give yourself a treat you love. Always remember, you only have one life to live, doing what makes you happy is a necessity not an option.

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Juba Adeola is a unique creature, a trained Administrator, freelance writer and public speaker. He is passionate about making the world a better place especially through the power of the pen. Juba is a model to many; he inspires, motivate and encourage people to take the right step towards attaining success in life. As an agent of change, he finds fulfillment in making positive impacts. Juba Adeola, is on a quest to be a leading consultant in people and resource management; in a bid to ensure organizations prosper and grow people to flourish.

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