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Fulfillment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It is a feeling of completeness you get having achieved your dream. Fulfilment means different things to different people. For some, you are not fulfilled if you are not famous and celebrated by the society; based on certain standards, but that’s not true. You are fulfilled the moment your positive imaginations becomes a reality. You are fulfilled the moment your action, attitude and character ignites a passion to make positive impact in another person. You don’t need to be very rich to be fulfilled, neither do you need societies applause.

Let’s discuss, what is your opinion on this issue?



Juba Adeola is a unique creature, a trained Administrator, freelance writer and public speaker. He is passionate about making the world a better place especially through the power of the pen. Juba is a model to many; he inspires, motivate and encourage people to take the right step towards attaining success in life. As an agent of change, he finds fulfillment in making positive impacts. Juba Adeola, is on a quest to be a leading consultant in people and resource management; in a bid to ensure organizations prosper and grow people to flourish.

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