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Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something. It is a major attribute of brave and bold people that comes with a reward. Loyalty is a noble quality exhibited by people with a heart of compassion, they are honest, disciplined and they are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Finding a truly loyal person is hard but it is possible. However, you need to first work on yourself because loyalty begets loyalty.

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Juba Adeola is a unique creature, a trained Administrator, freelance writer and public speaker. He is passionate about making the world a better place especially through the power of the pen. Juba is a model to many; he inspires, motivate and encourage people to take the right step towards attaining success in life. As an agent of change, he finds fulfillment in making positive impacts. Juba Adeola, is on a quest to be a leading consultant in people and resource management; in a bid to ensure organizations prosper and grow people to flourish.

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