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Last week, I walked into a barbing salon at around 11am on Saturday. The salon is located in a multipurpose building that houses an indoor bar, a laundry and a car wash. As usual, immediately my Barber saw me, he stood up from among a small gathering of merry men drinking, gisting and vibing to cool gbedu. Yusuf started hailing me JUBA Baba!!, My Chairman Sir! Too much money!. I couldn’t help but laugh, he came close, we exchanged pleasantries while I waved the ‘merry men’ and said “Good morning”. My Barber Yusuf is one of those guys that will make you feel; you own the World even when you are in dire need of a breakthrough.

I handed over my clippper to Yusuf, sat on the ‘Barber Chair’ and I was ready for a brilliant cut. While he was testing the clipper I couldn’t help but think about how yusuf had made me a regular at his saloon and occasionally at the bar thanks to his sweet talks, famzing and excellent customer service. I smiled, at that point he was ready to start barbing, he took his time as usual and gave me a brilliant cut. I kept Staring at myself in the mirror, Damn! “I look Good😍. While he was putting a finishing touch to my beards, a young man entered the salon. He was among the merry men I saw earlier. He said something funny, we all laughed, thereafter Yusuf pleaded with him to hold on for two more minutes. He smiled and replied “No wahala but I beg no delay me o, I get appointment I wan go meet my Momsy for her church and help her do the church cleaning. As una see me so I crazy gan and I dey do my faaji steady but I no dey use God play”.

Really! I didn’t see that coming, I could never have imagined, I was shocked. I couldn’t help but look at the young man again in a different light through the mirror reflection. I joined the conversation and replied him saying “Naso e suppose be, God first always” he replied “Yes o”.

Yusuf who I guess was surprised by the revelation too asked a question to clear his doubt. He said : “But you be muslim now, so your Momsy na Christian ?. The young man smiled and told us his late Dad was a muslim and he chose to toe his path while, but he still assist his Mum in her service to God as a Christian. He said, he tries as much as possible not to miss the church cleaning and he prays after the cleaning and God hears and answers his prayers always. He gave us some instances.

What an encounter in an unusual location. I gave the whole conversation a second thought and concluded I learnt two things that morning. First, is to never judge people by their looks or action at a point in time. Secondly, God’s blessings is not only reserved for Christians. Our God is a merciful God and a rewarder of those that are willing to work cheerfully in his vineyard.

On that fateful day, I didn’t listen to a sermon from a preacher but I had an encounter of a lifetime that, I would ordinarily look forward to experiencing in Church. Interestingly, it came from a guy who had just finished drinking some bottles of beer and would be returning to continue drinking after his acceptable service to God.



Juba Adeola is a unique creature, a trained Administrator, freelance writer and public speaker. He is passionate about making the world a better place especially through the power of the pen. Juba is a model to many; he inspires, motivate and encourage people to take the right step towards attaining success in life. As an agent of change, he finds fulfillment in making positive impacts. Juba Adeola, is on a quest to be a leading consultant in people and resource management; in a bid to ensure organizations prosper and grow people to flourish.

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