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Know where you fit in and stay there. Try as much as possible to find clarity regarding your identity and mission on earth. Being aware of your purpose is important for your stability and advancement in life. Give your best in pursuit of your mission and avoid comparing yourself to others.

Don’t wait for accreditation from others to do what you are destined to do. Let your focus be on running your race in your own lane and run with the prize in view. Don’t allow distractions from others hinder you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

Let’s discuss, what is your opinion on this issue?



Juba Adeola is a unique creature, a trained Administrator, freelance writer and public speaker. He is passionate about making the world a better place especially through the power of the pen. Juba is a model to many; he inspires, motivate and encourage people to take the right step towards attaining success in life. As an agent of change, he finds fulfillment in making positive impacts. Juba Adeola, is on a quest to be a leading consultant in people and resource management; in a bid to ensure organizations prosper and grow people to flourish.

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